Step 1: What’s my Childcare Style?

What?! This is such a big question, amiright!?! Never fear! We got ya.

In one of our many conversations with parents, a woman who was 9-months pregnant said to our founder, “Laurie, I just need a place to start”. We knew that we could give her that place to start (and more!).

So, let’s break this down one step at a time:

⬇️Step 1: take our easy peasy quiz below to give you *a sense* of what you’re looking for. Through our work with thousands of parents, we know some things bubble up as major themes that begin to narrow down what is right for you.

Will this quiz give you the end-all, be-all result *for you*? Probably not. (Hey, we will always shoot you straight!) But, as you begin weighing considerations and options for what is likely your most important search, this gives you a place to start! (And we offer 1:1 support for truly personalized recommendations!)

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