Drop-In & Back-Up Care

Sometimes your regular awesome childcare option is closed when you still have to work! Sometimes something comes up! Sometimes we all need a little extra help. Or, maybe you need — or just want! — a little break.

Life happens, but luckily so does drop-in childcare.

You can always hop on juiceboxhero.com to find great drop-in care options around the city.

And, we’d love to highlight a few great drop-in childcare providers around town:

Stepping Stone – they have multiple locations around Austin, and are open many hours that other traditional caretakers are not. Please call (512) 459-0258 or visit their website to find the location nearest you to confirm availability.

Kid Spa – with both north and south locations, they are convenient for parents traveling any direction with longer hours than most caretakers are available. Please call the location you are interested in to confirm availability – (512) 828-5772 for Avery Ranch, or (512) 301-5772 for Circle C.

But also know that there are many, many more: simply search “hours” for “drop-in” – you’ll find what you need, where you need it!

If you have any questions or need any help finding drop-in childcare (or anything else!) do not hesitate to email our Community Manager Andrea at andrea@juiceboxhero.com

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