Hot Tip for Happy Holidays: Is it working?

A great perspective from the amazing Carrie Contey. (Hot tip x2: this great reminder can be applied any day — not just Halloween 🙂


Halloween! Such a fun and kid-centric holiday.
It’s all quite a rush — Both the build-up toward it AND the actual event.

And then, in a blink of an eye, it’s over.

Yet, the candy lingers on.

The days after Halloween can be a doozy for a variety of reasons.
The fun of dressing up.
The fun of being out later than usual.
The fun of getting a giant bag of candy just for walking around in a costume and saying “Trick or Treat!”

Pretty awesome. And, potentially quite overwhelming.

The melt-downs aren’t personal.
The melt-downs might be inevitable.
Don’t expect them but definitely don’t be surprised by them.
The unsavory stuff that might show up is not misbehavior.
It’s the discharging, off-gassing, re-balancing after some big-time fun.

Sugar messes with our emotions.
Corn syrup really messes with our emotions.
Food dyes really REALLY mess with our emotions.

Protein and good fats can help offset the emotional spikes that arise from candy consumption.
Getting outside and running around a little extra these next few days is a good idea.
Water can be an elixir when things feel up and down and all around and it’s time to settle.


Check in with yourself and your people often these next few days.
Ask the question, “Is this working?”

If it is, keep doing it.
If it’s not, try something else.

With love,

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