Childcare Curriculum 101

What’s in a name? Like every family, approaches to childcare varies. An overview of common terms is included below to help you put a name to an approach that might be right for you. Pre-School — Or even, “preschool” can sometimes refer to the age range (ages 0-4) of children served at a childcare center that serves children before they start kindergarten (kindergarten typically begins at age 5). However, many childcare centers that serve pre-school aged children call themselves a

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Childcare Providers 101

Babysitters and nannies and pre-schools — oh my! Fortunately, there are options that fit many different preferences or phases of life. Many families use a combination (daycare + family care + occasional babysitters). Whatever works for you, works for you — as long as it is safe. Here’s a rundown of the most common types of childcare: Daycare — This term refers to care provided during the day. It can be in-home or center-based. Hours can vary from early morning

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Getting Started: Childcare 101

YAY! BABY! Congratulations! If you’re reading this you likely are looking for childcare for the first time. Baby means cuddles, and kisses, and smells (some sweet, some not), and parent leave, and ermagherd…… CHILDCARE. Who are we going to leave the world’s most amazing sweetest baby with? We get it. In case you — like us — are finding yourself totally overwhelmed and confused about where to start and what everything means (pre-school is different than preK?! Yep.), we got

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