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How does it all happen!?


I’m Laurie, and I’m the woman behind JuiceBox Hero. If you’re old enough to remember the ol’ Hair Club for Men commercials, then you basically know the story of JuiceBox Hero: “I’m not just a founder! I’m a member!” — although, I do have plenty of hair (now that I’m not recently post-partum, ya feel me ladies!?).

When I became a parent, I had no idea how many things I now had to consider when it came to choosing the right childcare for our family. Did we want in-home, center-based, play-based? Religious? Montessori? Was it close to our house? How much did it cost? And on, and on.

Silly me. I’ve grown up in a time where we can easily have a playlist generated based on a few spins of something similar. I can search and compare flights to visit family. And, I can find yet another Spider-Man outfit for my big boy that’s reasonably priced and will get to my house before he notices I had to throw the last one out due to constant wear.

Unlike “nice to haves” like tunes, a trip, or Spider-Man, because I’m a working parent, I had a new “had to have”: care for my most important people. Wanting the best for my first born, and then again for my new baby, I went online to shop for childcare only to discover that the “best” option for my search for childcare was literally 10 MILLION results.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 11.45.38 PM.png

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ WHAT!?! Nope. Now, I consider myself a handy lady, even a professional problem solver. But this was too much! I quickly became overwhelmed, closed my laptop and picked up the phone to call friends for referrals. Surely there had to be a better way! I thought to myself,  “What if & Yelp had a baby who needed childcare?”. And, boom! JuiceBox Hero was born! Or, shall I say, we’re birthing it now…

Like having a IRL baby, it’s a ton of work to get ready for the BIG DAY your little one comes into the world. So, like all new parents, I’m working diligently to prepare the best experience for not just for the most important people in my family — but, also for yours.

JuiceBox Hero is growing rapidly from “your game-changing idea is the size of a sesame seed” to the big “sip & see” day when we launch, and then usher it out of our nest into the loving arms of the great big tribe of parents, and providers. No matter where we meet along the way, I hope you’ll never hesitate to let me know EXACTLY how you feel — I have toddlers, I can take it!

To all y’all hardworking parents working every day to give it our all, I salute you!

From my family to yours, I hope I can make all of our lives just a little bit easier — lawd knows we all need it.


PS. Unlike some of us who over-share… #TMIalert! Parenting is so personal. Don’t want your “stuff” out there? We hear ya. JuiceBox Hero will never share your information with anyone without your explicit permission. Scouts honor!

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